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January 15th - February 12th, 1991
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-6:00

The Stuart Regen Gallery is pleased to announce an installation of works by Liz Larner. In her upcoming show Larner will create a series of sculptural "corridors" and spatial/color relationships in the main gallery which will lead to a floor-to-ceiling wall text, "Unidentified" in the auxiliary gallery.

In recent years Larner has become increasingly acknowledged for her highly original and continual challenge to the use of space and the making of art. Employing a tough, cultural intertextuality in her work Larner has always invoked an exquisite tension through her materials, the manipulation of space, and an always loaded signification. From her early "Culture" series (double-entendre intended), to Corner Basher, to her more recent spatial installations Larner confronts the viewer with an equation that she, in the process, exposes. In the more recent work Larner has moved toward a fracturing and often invasion of codified gallery or museum space.

The current show will consist of three different "corridors" or "couples" leading through the main gallery and alternating between metal bases from the floor or hanging from the ceiling. Each "couple" of partitions is made up of opposing colors (e.g., green/red; orange/blue; yellow/purple) in either aluminum, leather, or a series of wood "rib" structures painted in red automobile paint and "clothed" with fabrics that run a range of hues from pink to blood red to orange red. The partitions operate to create a variation of spaces as well as to fracture, or disembody the viewer by allowing only partial visibility. The experience of these "corridors" is meant to be "identifiable" because they function firsthand. The "corridors" then move toward a sculptural piece with varied reflective surfaces that again fracture the given gallery space and lead into the auxiliary gallery where the disembodied text, "Unidentified" occupies the room. The text/wall painting is "unidentified" because of its juxtaposition with the firsthand, experiential nature of the work which has preceded it.

Born in 1960 and a graduate of Cal Arts, Larner lives and works in Los Angeles. One of the most exceptional and talented contemporary artists, Larner has had numerous shows in Europe and New York and was represented in the 1989 Whitney Biennial as well as the recent "Mind Over Matter" exhibit at the Whitney Museum.

The opening reception for Liz Larner will take place on Tuesday, January 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. For further information please contact Stuart Regen or Shaun Caley at the gallery.