6750 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm
Tel: 1 310 276 5424
Fax: 1 310 276 7430

Shaun Caley Regen, President
Charisse Love, Executive Assistant to Shaun Caley Regen

Jane McCarthy, Director
Irina Stark, Director
Isha Welsh, Director
Katy McKinnon, Associate Director
Andrew Cameron,
Assistant to the Directors
Matthew Salazar, Assistant to the Directors


China Short, Gallery Manager


Ben Thornborough, Director of Communications

Lindsey Lyons, Communications Associate
Jose Luis G. Lopez, Photography and Media Manager
Lily Spitz, Associate Archivist

Ben Rivera, Director of Exhibitions
Tara Hadibrata, Chief Registrar
Nathan Danilowicz, Preparator/Building Manager
Yaron Hakim, Preparator

Alyssa Johnson, Gallery Assistant

For inquiries please email: office@regenprojects.com

For press inquiries please contact: press@regenprojects.com

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