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JACK PIERSON: New 'word' sculptures
November 13 - December 11, 1996
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11-5

New York-based artist Jack Pierson's work is known for its diversity, from the lush, rich, almost incidental photographs, to the compelling and evocative drawings; from the mise en scene sculptures, to the abstract, oil stick paintings, the pixmil paintings, the cut-out word sculptures, the collages of bygone Hollywood icons and unknowns, and the marquis-lettering word sculptures. Regen Projects is pleased to present a Jack Pierson exhibition concentrating on the marquis-lettering and found word pieces.

Pierson culls his materials from cast-offs in sign junkyards, giving them a second chance, mixed and matched in evocative incantations, be they names or phrases. Oddly beautiful, they evoke emotions as well as atmosphere. Earlier works such as "Stay," "Fornever," "Teenstar," "Onlyou," "Last Chance," "Frankie," "Being Alive," "Beauty," and so on, resonate in their tarnished, yet elegant state. Whether the letterings are made up of discontinued fonts from an old Firestone sign, or the fragility of neon lettering, Pierson breathes new life into his format.

More than any artist working today, Pierson evokes an unprecedented zeitgeist through his works. Pierson's sense of nostalgia, isolation, longing, and loss speak more for a generation that eschews any direction or idealism, and yet Pierson infuses these qualities with a hopefulness, resonance, and dignity which triumph over the real.

Jack Pierson's work has been seen in numerous galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe. Pierson's 1995 photo book, All of a Sudden, published by Thea Westreich and powerHouse Books may be ordered through the gallery.

There will be an opening reception for Jack Pierson on Wednesday, November 13th from 6:00 to 8:00 at the gallery. For further information please contact Stuart Regen or Shaun Caley at the gallery (310) 276-5424.