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December 14 , 1996 - January 25, 1997
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11-5

Regen Projects is pleased to present German artist Stephan Balkenhol's first one-person show in the US since his mid-career survey at the Hirshhorn Museum. The exhibit will consist of new wood sculptures, made specifically for this show.

Balkenhol's medium, both wood and figuration, is at once contemporary and timeless. As a student of Ulrich Ruckreim, Balkenhol emerged from the minimalist tradition in German sculpture. In choosing the craft of sculpting wood (where the presence of the hand is impossible to miss) and figurative subjects, Balkenhol endeavors to imbue his works with the same essential presence of his forbears. The coolness of his sculpture's expressions evoke the objective gaze of photographers like August Sanders and Thomas Ruff. The use of wood as a medium has also been seen in Georg Baselitz's sculpture, although in Balkenhol's work, the craft is controlled and anything but expressionistic.

In more recent works Balkenhol's sculpture has become more playful. The "Hybrids" are both human and animal, and the figures are continually depicted in stages of motion which are active rather than passive. And yet they maintain the impassive coolness of the early work.

Stephan Balkenhol has been exhibited widely in museums and galleries throughout Europe and America. Numerous catalogues are published on his work. For further information please contact Stuart Regen and Shaun Caley at the gallery (310) 276-5424.

An opening reception for Stephan Balkenhol will be held on Saturday, December 14, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.