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READING LIPS [collaboration with Steen Moller Rasmussens], 1997 [16mm, color, 11 min., sound]
Produced by Moved Pictures NYC and PLAGIAT film. Directed by Lawrence Weiner and Steen Moller Rasmussens. Cinematography: Steen Moller Rasmussens. Music: Lawrence Weiner and Ned Sublette. Editiors: Rasmussens and Weiner.
First Screening: Arken, Denmark, 13 November, 1997
PLOWMANS LUNCH, 1982. [16mm Kodacolor, 28 mins., sound] Produced by Stichting de Appel, Amsterdam (Wies Smals).  
Cinematography: Jules van den Steenhoven. Music: Peter Gordon. Editor: Eva Reisel.
First Screening: The Film House, Den Haag/Kriterion Theatre, Amsterdam, October 13, 1982.  First American screening: Bleecker Street Cinema, New York, April 9, 1983.
DONE TO, 1974


Niets Aan Verloren/Nothing to Lose, 1984
Trailer for Plowmans Lunch, 1982
There But For, 1980
For Example Decorated, 1977
A Bit of Matter and a Little Bit More, 1976
Do You Believe in Water?, 1976
Various Manners with Various Things, 1976
Green as Well as Blue as Well as Red, 1975/76
Affected and/or Effected, 1974
Shifted from Side to Side, 1972
To and Fro/Fro and To/And To and Fro/And Fro and To, 1972
Broken Off, 1971
Beached, 1970
To the Sea/On the Sea/From the Sea/At the Sea/Bordering the Sea, 1970



Having Been Built on Sand with Another Base (Basis) In Fact, A structure of Lawrence Weiner, music by Richard Landry. Voices, Britta Le Va, Tina Girouard, Lawrence Weiner, Richard Landry. Mix, Landry/Weiner, Remix, Kurt Munkacai. Produced by Moved Pictures NYC. Munich: Rudiger Schottle, 1978.
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Having Been Done at/Having Been Done to, Essendo Stato Fatto A, Voices spoken by Lawrence Weiner and Marina Girotte. Piano, Marina Girotte, Translation, Cesare Scaglia. Rome: Sporone Gian Enze and Fischer Konrad, May, 1973
Monsters From the Deep, Ned Sublette and Lawrence Weiner, 1997 



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