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October 9 - November 9, 1996
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11-5

Regen Projects is pleased to present a large photo-sculpture, "WAY," 1989, by the reknowned British artists Gilbert & George. With their first "Living Sculpture" in 1969, Gilbert & George's oeuvre has developed over the years, primarily in the format of "photo-sculptures."

In 1989 Gilbert & George produced a series entitled "The Cosmological Pictures," of which "WAY" is an element. In an essay, Rudi Fuchs writes, "The Cosmological Pictures are in a sense more flamboyant than anything they have done before; these are dramatic scenes in wonderfully rich and glowing colour, and yet one sees that a strong sense of ceremonial symmetry underlies the compositions. . . I do not want to push such comparisons too far; but the ceremonial, almost rigid way in which they quite often place themselves in the pictures . . . ramrod-straight and deadly serious, looking outward, is not unlike the stiff array of saints and prophets that merge with the columns that support them and frame the cathedral portal."

Another reading of the work in an essay by Wojciech Markoski is, "WAY . . . presents an opening to the unknown, yet this time not all the unknown possibilities are plausible. WAY points directly to one possiblility that is guarded by two silhouettes: a tongue, teeth, and the adjacent pulp, of unclear structure. The pale, death-like colouring clearly shows the alignment of the WAY. It leads from existence to non-existence, from non-existence to existence; and it is not at all clear which is better." (all quotes from Gilbert & George: The Cosmological Pictures)