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September 8 - October 13, 2001
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00 - 5:00 pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8th 4 - 7 pm

Margo Leavin Gallery and Regen Projects are pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Sol LeWitt. The exhibition at Margo Leavin Gallery will feature two rooms of new geometric wall drawings created specifically for the space, as well as a polychrome nongeometric sculpture. For Regen Projects, LeWitt has created a concrete block wall structure spanning the entire length of the gallery. Both exhibitions will include new gouache works on paper.

Sol LeWitt has proven to be one of the most seminal and prolific American artists of this century, and a key figure of the 1960's, bridging Conceptualism and Minimalism. Over the past four decades, LeWitt has been a pioneer in examining idea and method in the creation of the art object. LeWitt's work foregrounded the structure of the artwork, creating forms which combine conceptual rigor with formal beauty. As Gary Garrels writes in the catalogue accompanying LeWitt's retrospective last year,

"Intellectual substance is paired with visual delight. ... LeWitt transforms the idea into objects of exquisite beauty and elegance, deliberately introducing elements of chance, intuition, or irrationality into the systems that govern the creation of his works. LeWitt's delicate balancing act between thought and form, between order and disorder, between authorship and anonymity, has exerted an enormous influence on artists of subsequent generations. "
(Sol LeWitt: A Retrospective. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 2000)

In 1968, LeWitt created his first wall drawing, and this process of working directly on the wall has been the site of unending innovation and experimentation. LeWitt's wall drawings were made from directions written by LeWitt, but not executed by the artist. These works were not so much about the act of drawing on the wall, but rather about the temporality of the artwork and an examination of the importance of the artist's hand over the idea.

LeWitt has always worked in two, as well as three dimensions, from open modular cube structures, to solid cubes, to nongeometric forms. In the mid-80's, LeWitt began to work with concrete block which is still a standard building material. The concrete block structures, like the wall drawings, could be constructed by persons other than the artist with only basic skills. The first concrete block works were variations on the cube, an essential element in LeWitt's visual and conceptual vocabulary. Later, the concrete block structures evolved from cubes into highly complex forms, such as labyrinthian walls and ziggurat-like constructions.

An opening reception for Sol LeWitt will take place at both galleries on Saturday, September 8th from 4-7 pm. For further information, please contact Wendy Brandow at Margo Leavin Gallery at (310) 273-0603 or Lisa Overduin at Regen Projects at (310) 276-5424.